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Waffle Breakfast

The aroma of fresh, homemade waffles filled the air as a “kick off” celebration for Northville's Victorian Festival, a time-honored tradition. Everyone was invited for breakfast and a visit to one of the most-noted Victorian homes in town, the home of Preservation Dental-Office of Dr. William S. Demray. It stands as the east entrance to the historic downtown. Breakfast was served up with made-to-order waffles and a choice of toppings, fresh squeezed orange juice, silly photos of smiling faces and amazing tom-foolery provided by Jasen Magic.


The three-story Victorian was built in 1885. Henry Ford bought the home and surrounding properties in 1920. He arranged for his plant manager to live in the home and added a rear addition for a kitchen area. A. Malcolm “Mike” Allen, the mayor of Northville from 1958 to 1977, bought the home from the Ford Motor Company in 1941. Dr. Demray bought the historic home in December 1975 and began a seven-year renovation.Today, the office carefully preserves the ambiance of the Victorian era while creating a comfortable state-of-the-art dental office for patients. It has received numerous awards from the Northville Beautification Commission and other community groups. Dr. Demray is a member of Northville’s Chamber of Commerce, the NCBA, the Historical Society and the Economic Development Corp.