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Giving Up Binky

"The Binky Tree"

Dr. Demray dedicated “The Binky Tree” in 2004.

We believe "The Binky Tree" in Northville's Ford Field (on Griswold just north of Main St. in downtown Northville) was the first binky tree in the United States. The tree is located near Fort Griswold, the wooden playscape and a favorite destination for children. It is a place of ceremony, a rite of passage so to speak. Children see it regularly and can see others giving up their pacifiers. You can plan a party and make the ceremonial visit a special occasion. Youngsters of all ages can come back and visit their binkies throughout their lives, if they wish. There is a world-famous Pacifier Tree in Frederiksberg Gardens in Denmark.

If you think it is time for your youngster to give up their binky, here are some helpful tips:

 - Start by picking a day to visit "The Binky Tree".

 - Give your child advance notice of the day he/she will give up the “binky”.

 - Make it a celebration! Stop by Preservation Dental, the office of Dr. William S. Demray and ask for an escort to accompany you to "The Binky Tree". They will take a photo and present a commemorative token.

 - When successful, do not let him/her return to pacifier use.

 “Grow, grow, grow up with me.  It’s time to leave your binky on me.”
- William S. Demray DDS

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