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Celebrating 35 Years in Northville

Dr. William Demray has lived and worked in the Northville community for more than 35 years. These are his thoughts about achieving this milestone:

"I rely on 12 principles at Preservation Dental. These principles are aimed at preserving dental health through doing good by our patients. Accomplishing positive outcomes is very important. It's what patients need. When a problem comes in, the first thing we do is to determine why/how it happened. Next, we come up with a way to prevent it from happening again. Then we fix it. In order to maintain the outcomes, education is key. I spend most of my time teaching. It's my calling and the most important part of my job.

Over the years we have paraded a cast of characters throughout our town and our neighboring communities. In the next 35 years we may take these characters to a grander scale because the public responds to their messages. They can prevent more dental disease through education than all the dentists, in all the world, can fix in all their lifetimes. Now a legacy I could aspire to! 

I've been blessed to live and work in a marvelous community for 35 years. It's a real commitment to practice dentistry in the same town in which you live. It's all there. You don't leave it at five o'clock and you face your outcomes wherever you turn. I have learned so much from so many people, from so many walks of life. I once had five generations of one family in the office at the same moment, unbeknownst to each other beforehand. Where could something like that happen but in my wonderful profession? You've got to love it!"